Thursday, August 26, 2010


One of my goals this summer was to learn how to sew.  Maybe even take a class.  
So, I found THIS.  I am so excited!  Here are the first few projects I have completed.
Pin cushion front
and back

Cloth napkin (single layer)

Cloth napkin (double layer) with ribbon embellishment...which I actually turned into a baby crinkle toy.  I filled the inside with fun crinkly candy wrapper packaging.
Here's the other side

Draw string gift bag.


Unknown said...

oh gosh i so badly want to learn!!
i've been watching sewing videos all morning! lol

Christina Rambo said...

It's such a fun challenge! I LOVE the feeling of "I made it myself." Kinda like a kid : )

TJ said...

Awesome! I wanna learn to sew too... If I could sew, I'd make so many things! My own clothes, etc etc etc!!! Good luck with learning! Seems like you're on a great start!