Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Nice Day for a White Wedding!

Mike was a reader for his friends' wedding this weekend.  
He picked out that shirt and tie all by himself...I really like my husband's style.

Here is the lovely couple.  Brian does a lot of drumming for Mike's band.  Mary is also an amazing percussionist.

It was a beautiful, meaningful, God-centered ceremony.

The reception was at Como Park of my FAVORITE places IN THE WORLD!

Dinner was delicious, the music fantastic.  Then, it got dark outside...really dark outside.  Then, came the storm which was actually quite cool to watch since the building is entirely windows.  However, moments later, the manager announced that there was a funnel cloud spotted just a couple miles away.  So...

off we all went to the basement of the conservatory.
That's where the bride and groom danced their first song together.  It was a fun and very memorable night.

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