Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ladies Sewing Night!

Miss Phoebe Gerdes of Phoebe's Home Goods hosted a pillow class the other night.  SO MUCH FUN!
There was LOADS of fabric to choose from.
Plenty of machines and Phoebe's expertise.
Lot's a chit chat and delicious snacks.

Look at the CUTE books we got.  Every class you take, you get a card with the directions for the projects.
And best of all you get a FABULOUS finished product. 

Look at my Pillow!!
The front...the ruffles are actually from a shirt.
The back...matches my studio quite perfectly!


Sara said...

no way I so have that fabric on the back for miniatures...

Christina Rambo said...

It's so pretty...she just found all that fabric at a GARAGE SALE!!