Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have re-occurring dreams about caterpillars,


and Toads.

I really hate all three.  In my dreams they are surrounding me in great numbers.  Ugh...Snakes, bugs...I can handle all of that.  The slime and the legs...not so much.

Do you have an phobias?  Do you have re-occurring nightmares?  Let's discuss.


Sara said...

for some odd reason I have these dreams where everything is fine and then someone who is close to me swings a garden hoe at my face and then I wake up. It honestly feels like I am floating and the minute the hoe hits my face or what I believe to be my face I fall back into my body and wake up with a jolt. It hasn't happened in a while but now that I said that I will have the dream tonight

Christina Rambo said...

Whoa. That is scary! I hate those "jolt" dreams. I really only have those when I am falling from something.

rkilde said...

I used to have a dream that a witch was chasing me, so I would hide in my parent's room. I always woke up before she caught me.
But I have a phobia of small enclosed spaces :P

Christina Rambo said...

I did not know that about you, Rach. I promise I will never lock you in my closet.