Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Thumb Might be Like a Light Yellow-Green

Here's a little fact about me:  I kill plants. 
I think raising animals is way easier that keeping a plant alive.
So, when we moved into our house, I was nervous about the little flower gardens in the the main entrance PEOPLE use to get into our house.  People would see this area...often.
I planted tulips...which need no work and come up every year.
I planted day work. work (although they didn't bloom this year--I think the Peony bush blocked all the sun) See I told green thumb here.
Then, I stepped it up and transplanted the poeny bush.  People kept telling me it'll take two years to blossom.  Well, it took three, but it FINALLY has blossoms!!  I know, I know...not such a big deal, but to this girl who killed cactus is.
I am proud.

And here are the lillies I just added last year.


Faith said...

ooh! so very pretty.

Christina Rambo said...

Thank you! I am a sucker for pretty flower pictures...especially when the flowers are mine :)