Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Love Animals!

Lions! or cougars...or jaguars...whatever you wanna call 'em.


And Bears!  Oh my!!
He looks comfy don't you think?  Let me give you some more perspective...

Peacocks are very pretty...and very loud!
And this gentleman is a new addition to the park as well.  He looks like he belongs in one of my crazy dreams.
All of these FANTASTIC animals are right down the way in little Chippewa Falls, WI of all places.  Irvine park added new environments last year for the lions and the bears which were housed in not-so-great cages.  Now, they have tigers!!!  I love this place.  I hope people keep donating so they can upgrade the environments for all the little animals they have.  The new places for the big cats and bears are wonderful.

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