Monday, June 28, 2010


My favorite thing about camping is cooking over the fire.  We usually keep things pretty simple, but our friends treated us to some of the MOST AMAZING camp food EVER.  It was a Pudgie Pie weekend...pudgie pie french toast with fruit in the middle was awesome, but not quite as awesome as two huge-a-mungous steaks, baked beans, peppers, and potatoes.  The steak was done to perfection!  YUM.

This is Trooper before hiking and swimming...                                This is Trooper after hiking and swimming.
                     That slug is hanging from a thread of slime.  Mike almost ran right into it on the trail.  Gross.

It makes me so happy when Trooper romps in the woods and swims his little heart out.  It's heaven for him to just play all day and get super dirty.  When we get home and take a B-A-T-H, it's like we strip him of all his dignity. 

PS- Today is my mom's surgery.  She is having a lesion taken out of her lung. 
Any thoughts and prayers are appreciated!

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