Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Release!

Heart On My Sleeve is out and you can get it today through the end of Monday for 20% off!

Heart On My Sleeve by Christina Rambo--Passion & Pursenality Designs Personal Use/Scrap for Hire friendly A versatile kit perfect for very personal projects. Projects where you want to wear your heart on your sleeve. Lovely soft colors perfect for themes of love, hope, and happiness.

This kit includes: 5 patterned background papers 3 solid background papers 2 borders 2 flare buttons 5 word art 1 stitched heart shadowed for you 1 frame element (three frames hanging from clips on a string) shadowed for you 1 pencil doodle (be sure to use your blend modes) 1 flower shadowed for you 1 butterfly shadowed and unshadowed 1 diamond cluster 1 embellished ribbon 1 paint splotch 1 heart sprinkle shadowed and unshadowed *unless noted above, elements are unshadowed.

Would you like a chance to get this kit for FREE? All you have to do, is become a follower of my blog and leave a comment telling me about something you *heart* right now. Like me, right now I totally heart online television to catch up on all the season finales! :) I'll choose a winner randomly on Tuesday next week and get the download link to the whom ever it might be.
Have a WONDERFUL three day weekend! Woo hoo!!


Sara said...

Well, I all ready am a follower that is how I was able to find out about this. :)

One of the things that I *heart* is documentaries on alternative living. Like Organic food, holistic medicine, radically unschooling our children, etc.

oh and doll houses. :P

p.s. I just got a jewelers saw from my cousin about 3 weeks ago and I kept having memories of the jewelry lessson. :P

Christina Rambo said...

I'm a teacher...and I agree with unschooling our children. I am excited for you to put that jewler's saw to use!!

Anonymous said...

I'm already a follower :)
and I heart summer dresses right now.

Christina Rambo said...

ooo!! Me too, I have a summer dress on right now.

rkilde said...

I *heart* PBS and summer vacation...I also *heart* tennis (we need to play together sometime)

Christina Rambo said...

I heart your new blog, Rach!