Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let Down your Hair

That's me as Rapunzel and Mike was a minstrel.
I do love the thea-tah. This was for a fundraiser for the Chippewa Valley Theater Guild. The Fairy Tale Ball was spectacular. Imagine 300 little ones dressed in their best princess attire--and throw some knights and princes in there too. OH! And a frog; a too cute little frong. Moms and Dads even dressed up in their best! It was a great family event. There was food, games, and carriage rides, PLUS characters galore. This was the closest I will ever come to playing a Disney princess at Disney World. It was hard not to have fun when little girls are looking at you with big adoring eyes. There were permanent smiles on those faces all night long.

These ladies were all in the first production I did with the guild, Cats. I love these girls!

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