Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I was just talking with my dad TODAY about how I haven't seen any new squirrel babies this year.  For the past three years, the mom and dad squirrel have had three or four babies. Well, I came home, and heard a squirrel freaking out.  I looked up and saw momma (or dad...I have no idea).  I thought, she must be freaking out for a reason...
Sure enough, I saw a little one awkwardly sitting in the branch of the other tree.  I ran to grab my camera.  When I came out, little one was on his way inside the nest.

At this point, momma is MAD!  She is making noises I have never heard before.  I was a little scared she would jump out of the tree on to my head.
Trooper was VERY excited about the squirrels.  He was frozen in this position the whole time.
Meanwhile...Kitty could care less.  She is over in the neighbor's yard sniffing around the bird/squirrel feeder.

Finally, she found what she was after!!
Oh little girl...
So, while I was over fishing Kitty out of the bushes, momma squirrel made it to the nest peeking out to make sure I was leaving.  I only saw one baby.  I don't know if there are any more.  Maybe they didn't make it?  Maybe she only had one?  I'll keep my eye out.  I know a lot of people hate squirrels, but I am kind of attached to our little family.

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jimnchetek said...

Happy to hear the show may have started. I'll bet there are more in the "squirrel house." Keep that camera handy!

Love ya,