Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This was the necklace that I wanted to show off...Isn't it FAB? I got it HERE. Her jewelry is so beautiful.  When you get it, you don't want to open it, because the packaging is SO cute!
This is the awesome vintage dress...I was too cold (and not feeling well) to take off the sweater.  I promise I will wear it to a summer wedding so you can see the CUTE CUTE ruffled sleeves.  I love how the inside was lined with this perfect peachy color to match the necklace.
This is my Taylor Man...I'm glad he still lets me call him that. 

These are my favorite girls in the world. 

This was the big news this week.  How come now, when you get your ears pierced, you can get pretty flowers?  I never had that choice.  I just got borning old gold studs.

This is precious. 

I hope you had a great Easter.  After this picture...I crashed on my old bed.  It stinks being sick on Easter. 

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