Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memory Lane

The guy on the left is my dad.  The guy on the right is his twin brother Jack.
This is my dad and uncle Jack's cousin whom none of us have seen in years.  We spent an afternoon looking at old pictures and hearing stories from "the old days."  I loved it.  Uncle Jack is a great story teller and I learned a lot about my family heritage.
My dad...he's a reallly great artist and an amazing craftsman. His dad...well, look at this!
My grandpa was a "scrapbooker!"

And I always knew that he was a shoe repair man, but I didn't know that he did this AMAZING leather work!! SO flippin' cool!!!

Look at those purses and briefcase!  When I saw this picture I was thinking about how cool it would be if we could find those...and then suddenly, out comes my mom...

Oh!  Help me!  How amazing!
Here's the back...

And then...
Here's the purse.  It's the same one as in the photo.  Turns out that this was my Grandmother's purse.
Here's the back:

Arts and Crafts...it's just in my blood. 

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