Monday, April 19, 2010

Look for Less--Results

When I went out to shop, I began to wonder what in the world I was thinking. Can I really thrift such a specific look? Well, I think I did okay! I couldn't believe I found this top. It even has "pearl" buttons like the Polyvore look. If I didn't have these boots-from this cool Etsy shop, I wouldn't have completed the look this weekend though. I didn't see any boots at all that weren't black. I didn't even try for the purse and sunglasses. I just wanted the outfit. I lose sunglasses, and I have a plethora of purses to choose from--didn't need more. So,

Top from Savers - 3.00
+ Jeans from Hope Gospel Mission - 7.00
+ Boots from Etsy - 34.00
Add 'em all together and that = NOT BAD! Considering the Polyvore look boots themselves were over $800, I am happy.

I look forward to more of this challenge in the future.

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