Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Favor for My Brother

My brother is a really great writer.  He is entering a writing contest put on by the one and only KISS.  The story had to be 100 words or less and had to include a list of specified words.  Then, he needed a photo or video to illustrate the story.  So, we went on a little adventure after school today : )

Here is his story:
“God, this is idiotic!” I spat to nobody but the cows lining County Highway D. “Can I really make it to Cadott on my daughter’s Dora scooter?” KISS was set to completely level a Wisconsin farm field, headlining Rockfest 2007. I was desperate. I continued down the endless blacktop, eyeing the cows staring back at me with their mocking, black-and-white-painted faces—kick, kick, gliiiiiide…kick, kick, gliiiiiide… “I swear, I’m gonna tip all ya’ll on the way back!” I yelled into the fields. “Please, oh God of Thunder, just let me make it in time to see Paul smash his guitar!”

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