Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Questions...

One of my favorite Bloggers , Leigh-Ann, invited people to play along. If you want to play, join in! Link me up in the comments. I do love getting to know others.

Favorite hobby?
Crocheting (at the moment anyway)

Favorite TV show?
Project Runway

Favorite restaurant food?
A breakfast plate from any "mom n' pop" diner
Favorite thing to shop for?
Vintage fashion and accessories

Favorite Animal?
I have two...Trooper and Kitty

Favorite Song?

Favorite Word?
I have NO idea...I can tell you my LEAST favorite word is moist. eck.

Recent Favorite Youtube video?

Favorite movie?
Gosh...that's hard: Enchanted I think.

Favorite childhood memory?
Good times with this girl: playing Barbies, chasing butterflies, catching turtles, "loser cruises"
So, what about you?
1. Favorite hobby?
2. Favorite tv show?
3. Favorite restaurant food?
4. Favorite thing to shop for?
5. Favorite animal?
6. Favorite song?
7. Favorite word?
8. Recent favorite youtube video?
9. Favorite movie?
10. Favorite childhood memory?
Link me up in the comments.


Megan V said...

I LOVE that you have a dog named Kitty!! That is awesome. :D AND hello, fellow PR fanatic :)

Luloveshandmade said...

Your dog trooper is so cute! :) I have got a dog, too, but he's a dalmatian. :)

Sarah said...

I can't stand the m-word either!!!

There's just something about it, haha.