Monday, March 29, 2010

The Harlem Gospel Choir

What a fabulous, fun, INSPIRING night. The Harlem Gospel Choir concert was awesome. So many experiences. After just a couple of numbers, one of them came out to the audience asking for some "witnesses"--people who would sing in to the microphone she has with her. Of course, I pointed out Mike. It all happened so fast, and all I had was my little point and shoot so, forgive the horrid picture quality.

The first video is the guys in the choir singing to Mike, the second is Mike singing back to them. You can't really see anything, but you can hear it.

Then, this little lady is my new friend Rena.

Originally, she wasn't even supposed to sit by me. The couple by me was kind enough to trade spots with her so she could see...since she is all of 4'11". We had a blast. She sang her heart out the whole concert and it blessed me tremendously! During intermission, we had a chance to visit. She is from Glenview, IL. Just visiting family in EC. She was happy to be mentioned in my blog and thanked me for taking her picture. I thanked her for such a fun evening. Then, SHE asked ME if I was on FACEBOOK!! I love it.

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